Monday, February 7, 2011

mommy and me#4 chinese new year

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Chinese new year is one of the biggest holiday in Korea.

My Korean family is not that big and we don’t have visitors in this kind of gathering but we don’t let the kids forget their tradition and still we taught them how to follow and learned it from us to continue for the future.
Korean New Year is called “Sol-nal” which means Lunar new year and also known as “Gujeong”, which means litterally “Old New Year ’s Day”. Koreans are family-oriented people and this holiday is all about the family.
On the morning of Sol-nal, everyone dresses up in their best Korean traditional clothes “Hanbok” 
Kids are practicing the bows to respect the olds. And received a new years money from the grand parents
This special holiday, Korean New Year, is filled with tasteful traditional New Year’s food, socializing with all the family members, playing games, and having good laughs. There’s nothing better than this.


  1. Korean culture is very interesting and thanks for sharing us a little bit about it. :) Looks like it was a very nice celebration. Visiting via MMM!

    Adin B

  2. visiting from Mommy and Me Mondays! I looks like you all had a fun celebration and it is interesting to learn about the Korean traditions.

  3. kong hie fat choi miga!

    daw kabusy na gid sa imo..

    miss you..

  4. Kung hei fat choi, you have adorable kids. btw, i have 2 kids also.

    Thanks for the visit in my blog.

  5. How special that they were able to celebrate.