Monday, February 7, 2011

mellow yellow monday#5 things surround me


There are so many kind of transportation like trains,buses,cars,airplanes and so on. They are for people or good to move one place to another. The most popular transportation for students is it called school bus. Why do you think buses are yellow? It is because people can see yellow very fast. So this can prevent an accident.
A small playground at the kindergarten front yard.  Since last year my kids kinder school had their school renovation and added a new stuff to the play ground to attract more parents to send their kids here. I do like this school it's because of the teaching quality that teachers seems teaching all around.
Well, in Korea you can find vegetables and fruits in any small shop, there are so many small shop everywhere and it's very comfortable to buy something if you are so tired to go to the big shopping mall for some items. small store are sell things that people usually need in daily basis.


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