Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ruby Tuesday# Kimchi

The recipe for Kimchi
The ingredients : 2 Cabbages, Sea salt, Garlic, Green onion, Ginger, Fish sauce, Chili pepper, Cooked Rice, Ground red pepper
1. Pickle cabbages with Sea salt
a)   Cut cabbages into half piece.
b)   Put cabbages in a big pot and Fill up water until it is covered.
c)   Put Sea salt until it tastes salty.
d)   Set aside it for an hour.
2. Boil cooked rice to make it sticky
a) Put 4 spoons of cooked rice and a little of water into a pot.
b) Boil it until it is sticky
3. Make seasonings
  For half of cabbage seasonings
a)   Blend with 2 onion(medium size), 7 Garlic
2 Green onion(removed white part), 7 chili(5:red, 2:green)
half of ginger(big size), 3cups of water(medium size cup)
2/3 cup of fish sauce(medium size cup)
a spoon of boiled rice(Big spoon).
b)   After tasting, adjust the amount of water and fish sauce.
c)   Put 3 spoons of ground red pepper
d)   Do this repeatedly 4 times for making 2 cabbage.
4. Mix in seasonings
  a) Cut pickled cabbage into half again.
b) Soak mixed seasonings into each leaf of cabbage.
5. Set aside for some days to ferment it.

Read more: http://notecook.com/desserts/fruits/kimchi-recipe/#ixzz1DN7RTa7B


  1. hindi ko pa na try miga..

    happt RT!

  2. Someday I'm going to get brave enough to try kimchi!


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    Discovered she’d been sore misled;
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    If she finds the thief, the guy’s dead!

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  3. Oh kimchi pala ito .. Sana one day matry ko ito :)
    Please visit my entry. LINK HERE in my other blog, thanks.

  4. I do love kim chi but I am so lazy to fix it myself. Thankfully, there is a Korean market nearby that does all kinds of kimchi vegetables which are delicious.

  5. I love kimchi!

    Hope you can still take a peek at my Ruby Tuesday, thanks in advance!