Monday, January 17, 2011

Tornado Experience

A tornado is a funnel-shaped strong wind.

Since I grew up at the seaside area and my father was a fisherman we have a experienced lots of calamities that God made. I know all of us knows about tornado as what the experts explain about the tornado is a funnel-shaped strong wind. Once the tornado start it never stops whirling and keep sucking up dust,houses, cars, trees and everything that tornado can hit, It can pull up things into the air and make them fly, I remember during my younger age I was with my father in the sea in order to catches fish, in very far away my father saw the formed of tornado and he was so scared about it, and we went home as fast as we could, after we arrived home my father took his sword and some item, I was just wondering what this item for? and luckily the tornado just stopped at the middle of the ocean and didn’t harmed any person at the seaside area. I asked father what the was the used of the sword if ever the tornado come? will you fight with the tornado? my father answer holding swords or any noisy items like pot cover any things that can create noises can help to prevent the tornado come closer to the community. I know it’s just a belief but somehow I do believed it, since we had experienced not only once but to many. 
Do you know that tornado moves very fast at the speeds up to 483 km per hour if I’m not mistaken, just forgive me if I’m wrong. The tornado is one of the strongest storms. I know in Philippines there are too many tornado's each year but I don’t have any idea how many tornadoes hit the Philippines. But here in Korea I never seen tornado yet. But in U.S.A there are more than 800 tornadoes each year. What a scary storm.

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