Monday, January 17, 2011

The rocks existence

Rocks are minerals and they are all from the earth.

I you look around you, you can find some rocks very easily. Rocks are minerals and they are all from the earth, Do you know that the outer part of the earth are solid layer which are including rocks. rocks has so many uses, that helps in technological and cultural development, rocks can form into beautiful and expensive accessories were women usually love it. It also can chnge into metal or marble it also  can be a real diamond as well.
There are many colors of rocks but the popular color are silver,white,brown,gold,orange,blue,red, pink,black even rainbow colored rocks.
If you come to Korea usually korean make the rock into statue or even make into funny item. 
They made it even like a layer rocks, and looks great.
Budist people also worshiping the stone it’s because they believe that their God is the nature alone.

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