Monday, January 17, 2011


Friendship is a relationship between friends.

Do you have a lot of friends? What friendship mean to you? I have only countable friends I’m not an extrovert person that's why I only have few friends in real life. If ever I meet friends and we click each other I really treasure it. I have a friend here we been friends for almost 6 years in our stay here in Korea and seem we have lots in common, well, we are just understand each other try to build the good friendship that we have. Friendship means is a relationship between friends, friends play together,study together and do things together. But the most important in friendship are trust and honesty, these are the most important things in friendship. Without trust and honesty you can’t able to build good relationship or you can’t even get trust from them. There are many kinds pf friendships such as pen pals, Internet friendships, and classmates but it doesn’t matter where you can able to build your friendship but don’t forget to  give trust and respect with honesty.

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