Monday, January 17, 2011

recycling materials

There are so many people that so smart into recycling old things into new things.
Here in Korea collecting garbage and throwing garbage into proper way is a must, you have to throw your garbage waste into the proper garbage boxes, do you see the garbage area this is taken in my apartment garbage area, if the guard catch you putting your foods into the plastic garbage you  have to pay the penalty from 100$ up to 1000$, people keep their obligation just to follow the rules that government imply. Sometimes we don’t care about the garbage but through those garbage we can do new thing it can recycle to change into beautiful and useful item. But not all garbage can be recycle, people can only recycle some material such as paper, glass,phones,plastic,clothing,computers,cellphones and metal. But remember foods can’t be recycled that’s why don’t throw your waste foods together with the materials than can be recycle again.
My sister has a surplus business in Philippines, she sells surplus from Korea including bags,shoes,furniture what ever garbage that Koreans throw away but in other countries its very useful for poor person not only for poor people but also rich family find it so useful  for them. Here is the bundle of used bags that she sell. and she earned bundle of money from these bundle of garbage.

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