Monday, January 17, 2011

mol mi do (mol mi island

One of the famous tourist spot in city of Incheon South Korea.

This the mol mi do (do) represent to island one of the famous tourist spot in Incheon South Korea it takes 30 minutes from the proper of Incheon, this place best for sight seeing specially for weekend family bonding,you can enjoy the ocean scenery and the nearest island or maybe you want to have a ferry both dinner experience they served delicious foods and a live band in that ship.
This is the street restaurant of mol mi do where they serve delicious sea foods specialty in sushi or raw fish. You can enjoy the scenery and the tasty foods they offer. there are more than 50 restaurants in just one places in a row. serves different kinds of sea foods and different menu. 
See the above picture?we been there, we really enjoyed our time with my sister and friend. Not only the scenery and foods but the most thrilling and fun activities is the amusement park.the viking ride is so thrilling but there are no one of us who dare to ride.
 We did enjoyed the place,the food, and the winter beauty of the ocean that was great experience.

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