Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy moments#3 NEW ACHIEVEMENT

Here is my achievement, I did finished our English guidance teachers training for almost 4 months last sept.and ended last dec. and that's very nice training so far we've learnt too many things. and experienced to have native English professor. The things I really love about it is, that was free training. 

After the hard worked we did, I received the perfect attedance award and just a little achievement since my house was the most far from all my classmates, I have kids need to send to kinder and so many things need to be done before I left. But being present and early bird at school is not easy, but I did it! now I'm busy doing some writing stuff and submitted almost 23 articles in just 1 week with out declined articles out of it. Busy with my home tutorial, I have 12 student at this time. My feeding program is still going on,from 30 kids something but now they are already 700 more and we received plenty of overwhelming comments from the parents, I sold out 10,000 kilos of pigs from my piggery this month, Oh my God I have so many blessings,

My little boy will graduate next month in kinder school and he will going to elementary school as well, did his home study with high grades, he is the top student in his school, received any awards,
My little girl just started her home schooling and hopefully she also will doing great.
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  1. wow!! what amazing achievement!! and the feeding program is such a noble thing to do! Looks like you are a very busy mom. Thanks for sharing your blessings and achievements!

  2. Congratulations to your achievements. Visiting you here from Mommy Moments

  3. wow, you are blessed and really amazing with all those achievements! you are an inspiration to the rest of us! :D

    are your kids affiliated with any schools while they homeschool?

  4. @ chris, yes nag aaral sila as a regular student sa kinder at mag grade 1 na ang panganay, hindi kasi ako magaling sa korean kya di ko kaya..kaya we decided na may home schooling sila pra sa advance learning nila.
    thanks for dropping here.

    thank you guys, i know we can do everything we want to achieve,

  5. galing! you tutor, have a piggery, school, kids... your hands are so full!

    where do you submit your articles mommy cassey? baka pwede magapply =)

    hope you can follow and link up if you haven't yet
    online journal
    my soltero baby

  6. whew! i might get out insane from all these responsibilities in my hands :D daming achievements at the start of the year...great job Cassey!
    MM this week

  7. actually i never realized i did these achievement kung wala ang mommy moment na isip ko waka ako na achieved sa buong taon, buti nlng napa recall ako ano ba na achieved, looking forward sa sunod na mga achievements

  8. wow, you are one busy bee. keep it all up and going...and more pigs to sell...that's about over a hundred pig (at 90kilos on average/head) in a month! wished i could have that many:)

    visiting from mommy moments, post

  9. congrats! a really hardworking mom :)

    just followed you...

  10. congrats miga!..I know GOD will bless you more for being a good christian..
    Thanks also for being a good miga to me!
    Keep it up!

  11. Wow! you really are blessed. 10,000 kilos of pigs sold, that's a lot of money came your way :)

    Your kids seem smart, I guess because they have smart teacher. YOU!

    thanks for coming to my site.

  12. wow! that was really something! congratulations!

  13. amazing! clap clap for the achievements!

  14. Congratulations, Mommy, for all your achievements and blessings! You're such a hard worker. Congrats to your kids, too!

  15. congratulations mommy for your abundant blessings! they are given to you because you worked hard to earn them. You're such an achiever and an inspiration... how I wish I can also learn how to be an early bird... =) Btw, I have an ON-GOING giveaway... Hope you can join. Thanks!

  16. thanks to all.....being happy and contented plus being faithful to God everything is just a blessing and all the things you want will be added.