Friday, January 21, 2011

SCENIC SUNDAY #3 The horizon

Is it the place where the sun and sea meet?

Have you ever try to ask your self what is in there at the end of the sea?where you can see the sea and the sky,the horizon  is the apparent line that separates earth from sky and the line that divides in all visible directions into two categories. At a beach, you may see a line between the sea and the sky. It is called the horizon. Why do we see the horizon?Is it because the sky really meets the ground at that point? No, it’s because the Earth is not flat! Because the Earth is round, we can’t see land forever in one direction,The horizon is the boundary  of the world as you can see and where you standing and looking at the end of your sight. If you are in the ocean, or on a flat plain without buildings  or trees to break the line, the horizon is a perfect circle. 
When I was a young I often think about what  I saw at the end of the Ocean, I always wanted to go over there so  that  I can to see the heaven, Hundreds of years ago, people thought the Earth ended at the horizon. So they thought they would die if they went beyond the that.  Some people Say’s horizon is only an imaginary line which separates the earth to the sky. Some old people says sky is near to the ocean, but fishermen proves that there is no ending and the horizon is their destination for fishing which they can able to catch big fish and they can meet other people came from another country. Now we know that’s not true if going there you will die. 
Scenic Sunday

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