Wednesday, January 19, 2011

7 surprising changes of your kids

Now, when my little boy turned 6 to 7 I think he is not a baby anymore, he doesn’t want be cuddle and he is started to be ashame.
When will your child get too big for your lap? Find out.

I don’t exactly remember when my little boy started to act that way he is very introvert boy, he enjoyed him self alone and doesn’t want to play with many kids, he love doing his home work and playing with his cards or even doing some interesting lego and building into wonderful toy.
When did your child start to want time alone? Share your story.

I often heard it when my boy turned 6 years old seems he knows too many things. He was interesting the things surround him, even he know what is the most expensive city in the world, he  even reminded me that I got angry to him when he was 5 years old, or he reminded me that I promised him long time ago.Thats amazing.

I was hurt the other week and I cried silently. Maybe I was sorry for him for being not able to understand 100% of korean language that sometime I failed to answer or I got it wrong, he was crying with anger in it. So I beat him and spanked his mouth for doing such action.

Maybe started last last year, he told me mom I need  something and I need to buy in school supplies shop, and the shop is few meters away from home and he need to crossed the main road using the stop light, but I let him go alone and keep watching him in the window, thankfully he did it well.

He love to play question and answer with me, He love to ask mathematics, and love to ask scientific question, and I had learned too many things that I don’t know.

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  1. He is so very adorable!!! You must be so proud. I enjoyed reading your responses.

    Thanks for visiting with me yesterday.