Monday, January 17, 2011

starlight star bright

Don’t you wonder how hot those stars are?
If you look up the sky, you can see plenty of stars in different forms in up above the sky. Sometimes they form into a beautiful flower or  you can see a shape of stars form into  necklace rosary. Have you been try to stay outside or in the rooftop of your house? looking up the sky and dreaming how beautiful those stars are? or don’t you think how hot those stars are?
I remember during my elementary days our subject is ll about anything in space and one of those are the stars, do you know that stars are large balls of burning gas in space they are one of God’s beautiful creature, they give us the brightness in the midst of the night, they give more beauty in the sky. Some scientist or astronaut say’s some stars are very hot and some stars are cool. would you believe that the blue and white stars are hotter than the red and yellow star. believe it or not that's the fact.
I remembered some old people or even until now if they see the UFO they suddenly made a wish,its because they believed that’s falling star from the sky and if are able to see that falling object you will probably the luckiest one because your dream might comes true.

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  1. nice picture for your post. i really wonder how hot those stars are. thanks for dropping by at my blog. cheers!