Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 3rd 2011

Hi to all friends and folks out there! Since i was been very busy for the past few month or let me say I almost forgot this blog and couldn't remember the password and even forgot the title..

For almost a year God is still with me he never leaves me alone. There are so many things happen to me also kids are getting bigger and my son in few months from now he will going to elementary school, life goes so fast that you can't even recalled what was happening in past few decade of your life cycle.

If I can look back the past days I was busy took care with my little ones but now they growing so fast. I also back to my normal life. just done too many things that i never expected to happen. I have my own business and made a charity for street children which is I love most.
Done my English teachers training and now I'm waiting for the best opportunity that the korean government will give.