Monday, January 17, 2011

The Desert

The desert is a very hot and dry place.

Have you been one of the desert in the world? how  hot is there?how animals and people survived?
I have a closed friend now he is in Saudi Arabia to work and he shared his experienced how hot the Saudi Arabia is. And usually all buildings and houses are fully air conditioned, but sometime it comes up my mind how about the poor people?not all people can able to afford for the electricity stuff nor able to eat 3 times a day, he said they are very strong to face the hotness of the sun.
Since we know the desert is the very hot and a dry place, some of us know but still some people don’t know where is the biggest desert in the world. well, I will tell you that the biggest desert in the world is in Africa and the desert call Sahara,and there are 4 million people live near this Sahara desert. I wonder how these people live and survived since the water is only very limited it has only 5 inches of rain every year. Where they get the water to drink and also to use for their daily needs? but this people know as nomads it means no permanent residence they used to move one places to another in order to search their food and everything they need.

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