Saturday, May 2, 2009

children's day

Tomorrow is my son's birthday 6th birthday and also childrens day. I am planning to have a small surprises for him. Iwill bring him in his favorite place, gonna buy some toys and a simple celebration for his bday. Time goes so fast, i can't forgot when i delivered my son I labor for 28 hours and I almost gave up, but I was been so strong to met my new little boy.That day I felt so great,amazing,overwhelmed, just as a new mom i can't explained what I felt at that moment. Never got tired to taking care of him, everyday I got so excited to see him growing up, until he started to go to kinder garten, he been so active in his studies,he is smart and creative. In his age 6 years old he already knows how to read and write both korean,english,and chinese,his favorite subject i think is english,math and science. he also joined in taek wondo program,piano,violen and korean pansori.
Every afternoon he is so excited to let me know about his school activities. I felt my son is very unique and talented. He is also a kind boy, if he arrived at home he is not a naughty one.just give him your time and he don't ask for more. He loves to talk about his studies and all about his friends in school so I gave him time to listen set in front of him and listen to his story. I appreciated him being smart little boy. In his age he been responsible brother to his small sister. if I'm busy he kept watching his sister, and teach what don't and do's. unlike other kids they beat their younger brother or sister but he didn't do it. his reason, his sister is just a baby, so he is the one who avoid to his sister.
being a mom is really great opportunity .i dont really think that my kids been burden to me but I thank God for giving me a chance to become a responsible one, having a kids, it's not really easy to think that you already have so many responsible to shoulder. but dedication and tender love for our kids is the best key to achieve our goals as a mother.

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