Thursday, April 9, 2009


Global warming still exist in our world today, we are almost losing our hope to stop it and preserved some places that seems unaffected. This one of the place where i can say that Global warming doesnt exist, why? this place is a paradise that no one discovered yet. People are helping together to preserve this place and make it more interesting to those who are interested to visit here. This was the place where we lived, a place where we found peace and joy and once a place where the merormies started. This place is known Elihan, can be found at CauayanNegros Occidental. 10 years ago when i was young, i used to play and swim with other child too in this place, watching the beautiful sunset and making mountains out of the white sand, watching the colorful fishes under the blue water and feel the breeze and whisper of the air that pushes from north to east. Its somthing funny to look back the past but changes cannot be avoided. I leave this place for almost 6 years and now look, this is the present beauty of this place there are changes occurs but still the beautiful views are preserved. I can still saw the white sand, the blue water and the Sunset orange on the horizon. But we are all aware of what happening today, if we want to have this place in future lets help together to penetrate the global warming, lets preserve places that are not tottaly affected by Global Warming. Lets make this place our home.

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