Monday, July 25, 2011

My adventures here in kimchi land 1

Time goes so fast, I can still remember my first impression during my first time in Korea. I felt different like i was having mixed emotions, afraid, exciting, love, surprises and there are so many emotions that dwells in me when my first time here in Korea.

The first attraction that I've ever noticed while we are on the bus traveling going to my husband's city, I thought we been sorrounded with mountains and forest, greeny sorrounding in the middle of the night. It feels so comforting while you are in sadness thinking your family back in Philippines, a homesick from a long distance. Knowing that your family expecting you to go abroad for work.

The second attraction I've noticed was the signed board in every places, cant understand as it was written in korean dialect. I saw how Korean are business minded people, in every places and every corners you can see different kind of businesses scattered everywhere.

The third attraction caught my attention was the express way with 4 to 5 lanes, Korea have this huge express way. They have a wide and clean road, road camera monitoring, and lots of stop lights, but in Philippines I can see the traffic police who are dancing in the middle of the road instead.

Fourth attraction^^ was the tunnels, the longest tunnels that i ever experienced. There are too many tunnels here in Korea, I don't know if in other country have the same, don't have any idea about it. Since Korea is 80% mountainous they need fastest way to destination, they had to make the road under those mountain by making a huge hole or known as tunnels.

People in Korea usually lives in apartment or in 2 story houses. See those buildings? that's not a shopping mall nor a hotel, that's the view of their apartment here. Apartment in korea usually have 15th to 20th floor high. luckily we are living in 3rd floor.

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