Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy time

 This is my first time for mommy time entry. Hope I am also welcome to join this meme. Thanks to mommy sheng in shengkay's journal.

Being a mother and a teacher is not really an easy task, is like your doing multi tasking in a time.
Specially I have to bring my kids with me during my class period and they have to participate with other students. I know my son is very stressful because he must to be better than other kids. But thankfully he just doing his best for me and for his future.

 This is my son Suhyun. His English name is laurence lee. He is good in mathematics, science and he love to assemble things.
Here we are, me with my lovely kids. Laurence and Cassandra.

I just come to think about my plan yesterday, I wanted to join the Korea Iternational charity program. Will cross my finger for that plan.

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  1. Mommy ruby you might want to join Orange Tuesdays Meme. Would love to see you there..