Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lesson Plan

This is about using English story map system, how story map helps ESL students in very effective way.

•Students level: Beginner(low) Elem. ESL
•Time: effective for long hour class
•Materials: Projector and computer, flash cards, sketchbook story map and yellow board.

•Concepts or skills: Extensive reading and listening, writing, reading and basic grammar.

•Topic: Greedy Monkey

•Objectives: Students Identify and ask about fruits. Let them guess what kind of fruit it is. Show them the video.

Opening: 5 minutes

•Greetings: greet the students with smile.

•Ask them “ How are you today? Using different feelings. Ex. Are you sad today? And let them answer NO or YES.
•Song: Hello song.

•Warm up
•Reviews the previous lesson

•Arrange students in two line and place Teacher cards on the board(previous lesson)the first students in each line races to the board to point the correct card and name it wins a point for the team.

Body: 10 to 15 minutes

•Show the main materials that teacher are going to teach.

•Show the video movies at least 4 videos.

•Let them choose one of their most favorite video of the day and let them write and draw in their sketchbook and make as a story map.

•Let them listen 5 times and read 5 times.

•Student must to read their story book map to the 3 non living things (Ex. Eraser, table, pencil etc.)
•They have to teach the other 5 person and receive the sign from them.
•After they complete the (L)Listening, (R) reading, (S)sharing and (T)teaching. They have to try their reading speed. (TR)”Time reading” for 3 times, and also they have to get the (otr)”Other time reading” so they will encourage to do their best next time.

•See the example below. closingAfter the successful hard work, let them present their work like a real teacher in front of the class. Allow them to ask question to their fellow classmates


•By doing this kind of teaching style and system student will learn effectively through listening, reading, writing, speaking. Not only these kind of way they can learn through repeat and practice they will improve their vocabulary and they will able to understand how to use grammar properly.

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  1. hmmm. very helpful. when i was teaching ESL i only had a colorful book with me, lol!

    a visit from The Story Teller!