Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The disappearance of the old woman

A bread winner, a great mother and a helpful grandmother of the town.

Back during my high school days, there was an old lady who is always gone to the sea side to get some fish to sell, she has been in the seaside almost everyday for so many years. My neighborhood knows her very well. She was well known as the great old woman a helpful and a hard working old one.

One morning, her family was worried about her. She went to the seaside and bought some fish, so she can be able to trade it to the farmers. Some people say she was there that night, and somebody saw she went home at dawn with the fish with her.

However, suddenly she was disappear and people help to find her. She was missing and only people found the pair of slippers and her basket with fish. The questioned that people asked until now, where is she?what happened to her? Why she was missing? Some people believed that she has been killed and buried, but why?she is only poor and don’t have money. Some say (aswang) ate her. Some Christian think she was in God, and she was raptured.

Whatever the real reason hope she is in peace now

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