Friday, February 18, 2011

A hard working mother

A woman who work 18 hours a day in 35 years. Her name is Shin Hyun Suk a 56 years old a mother of three boys. A loving mother, a responsible wife, a business minded woman, a fashionist woman.

Have you ever tried to work 18 hours a day? maybe not yet or maybe yes, This story is about the woman who was grown up with poverty. She is a korean woman have 3 kids and she is my mother inlaw. What I love her most is for being a good model to me as daughter in law. A kind hearted woman who just know how to work hard to gave the best she can do for her family. She been working here in this market of nam kwangju in gwangju city for almost 35 years, if you can remember the old woma who selling the fried food, they are one of those people who first develop and made the popularity of this nam kwnagju market know to have fresh sea foods and vegetables.
My mom inlaw woke up at 3 am and come back home late in the evening around 9 to 10 pm. She was working since her kids are just a little up to this time that she already 56 years old and not healthy as we are. But still she keep on working hard for her future and for the grand kids future. She is very neat and clean, she did organized all the item she sell,  The picture below is just a part of her store.

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