Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gwangju Downtown Fiestival

Living here in Korea is very interesting and challenging, learning new cultures and new style of living is not that easy but if you just open up your mind and enjoy every single time of your stay you can say Korea is one of the place you want to spend most of your remaining time. In every cities or towns have their own way and cultural differences, in some places in Korea you will experience different atmosphere from another city. Korea mostly have their cities festivals in some area they have their own Kimche festival,food festival and so many more. The picture above was taken last year my friend and I went to downtown area which was the first day and the opening day of Gwangju downtown fiesta, and we encountered this beautiful parade, participant was wearing their traditional costumes for any festival celebration. That was amazing, there are old people waiting and watching the parade and they really enjoyed it. Usually in every festivals you can see lot of old folks since they are not busy people but young people are busy for work.

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