Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Filipina nun Sister Miguela Santiag

Sister Miguela Santiago is filipina nun who ministered in korea to help many filipinos catholics. She grew up with eight siblings in Tarlac, a city in central Luzon, Philippines. She spend all of her time for the work of God for 53 years long she was  in Korea.

At age of 14 years old she wanted to become a nun, so she always go to church and became devoted to catholic church and to Christ.

she studied to become a nun at tokyo, and she trained by salesian sister of st. john don bosco. Then after she sent to seoul korea with other nun from salesian congregation.

  1. For how many years of working at seoul as a nun, she helped many filipino people in Korea. She learned different languages that she used to bridge for Filipino people to express their thoughts to korean people. She become a messenger 

  2. She spend her time for the work of God, at age of 70 she still manage to handle her self and continue to do her mission. She dont have time for other extra activities but she dedicate it for the Lord.

  3. Because of her mission, many people knew her as a nun and as a people of Christ. There are many people ask her why she don't change her citizenship since she was her in Korea almost of her life but she answered"I love and I'm proud being Filipino and i don't have plan to changed it. She said if she change her citizenship its only for paper but the truth is she's  still Filipino in blood and in heart. Korean government ask her if she want to go back to Philippines and continue her service and mission on her own land but she refused it, she loves to stay in Korea and she wanted tp work her to help her fellow Filipinos. This news i got in Korean times English news. 

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