Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Word of wisdom wednesday#1

Word of wisdom wednesday post, I learned to love daily meme's post since I got visitors through joining meme's everyday. 
It's not always easy being a kid, but I bet it's even harder being an adult.
"haraboji" mean grandpa  he asked like this" why  Jesus died? where is he now? since his grand father is not a Christian and don't even believe in church   so he was angry to my son for keep on asking that nonsense question. So my little boy said" without GOD you have nothing" God give  the air you breathed and give your life. You  are older than me you have to know that! I felt sorry for my father inlaw  but I realized  kids are better than old people.

Why do you think we exercise?                                                              
suhyun7 yrs: if we exercise we  become healthy and slim (haha)

Dabin 3yrs:i hate exercise i don't know how to do that^^ 
mom:how does it help us?
Dabin: i don't like exercise! how do i know?haha

suhyun: it help us to be more energetic and fit. 
mom:what is your favorite exercise?
suhyun: i like jogging^^ but i know he don't do jogging^^
Dabin: i like ballet dancing because i like pink color.haha


  1. wow!..meaning your such a good mother friend.. instill to him good values..

    ..to be fair you and your husband is a good parent to suhyun..keep it up!

  2. thanks she I know I'm not perfect in terms of parenting matter but still trying hard to be a good example for them.

    for sure you are a great mom to iris.

  3. Hi, thank you for stopping by Tots and Me and linking to Words of Wisdom Wednesday. I love the different responses from your little ones. My girls love exercising with us on the Wii Fit, we all take our turns almost daily. I hope this will instill a love of fitness.
    I am following your blog now.

  4. thanks kew,....you have really great idea, looking forward for the next topic.thanks for following