Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Locks of love forever

 Maybe you're wondering what these locks mean? why there are so many pad locks in there? this place is far from my city it takes 4 hours to get there, this place called Namsan tower one of the famous tourist spot in the city of Seoul south Korea. This place was well known to all Koreans even to all foreigners who are interested  in Korean where abouts, Namsan tower is most famous to all Lovers who wanted to keep their love forever. Many couples come to visit this place with lock with them in order to put it on the fence, signifying their long lasting love. Long time ago after the couples tied the lock on the fence they will throw     the key  but lately the management  already have the rules, couples must to keep the key in case they'll break their promises they can able to get the pad lock and go their way freely.
 Each lock have the couples name and wish for their love.
This is what they called tree love lock. You can see different kind of lock design in this place, just so great and very emotional place for all the lovers. 


  1. yes mommy chubs so interesting idea. i just love it too.

  2. interesting! daw la ko da chance ya guro magbutang ya!..hehehe..