Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm thinking what to write in my blog today since we don't have any special event this weekend life is too busy for work and everything. So I was thinking to share what my kids like.  Sometimes I'm wondering why my kids really likes pets but they like dogs so much. I just realized that blood is really thicker than water. ok! I remembered that my oldest bro. loves dogs, like dogs are his best friends kissed them as he think he was kissing with his girl friend, now I know why my kids loves dogs too...
 These two dogs are my brother's dogs but since he was busy my mother taking care of them, dogs in Philippines is not expensive but having dogs or any pets here in Korea seems you have more kids to be care of.
 This is my kids pet at the moment her name is happy^^ my little boy gave this name. I know my little boy loves puppy much but since he has a weak lungs he can't play the puppy as he wanted to do.  See my girl?kissing with the dog? haha this dog is just 5  months old, but since I'm a mother I have to learn to care what my kids happiness. Responsibilities is mine, taking a shower with the puppy brush the teeth and clean the ears seems i have another baby to care. Vaccine is expensive since it's still a puppy need to have a vaccine twice a month and it was pretty expensive.