Friday, January 7, 2011

Mommy moments#1

mommy moments

My first mommy moments entry.
The year 2009 and 2010 for me was really great! My venture business was successfully growing until this time. done too many things, just everything went well and im so thankful for that, I am blessed.

 I don't have any minor goals for this year I just want to get back to my career being a full time mommy and a teacher as well, as of now i stopped my teaching job but still I have tutorial class at home.

Here are the list of my  goals for the year 2011 ^^

1)trip to japan (prepared)
2) take toefl exam(need to study hard I find this hard)
3) build my own charity for kids(need time and money)
4)to get korean driver license (just easy)
5)take korean exam from biggener to intermediate level.(hands off) 
6)wanted to take English public speaking, conversation fluency course.(in spring season if Gods well)
7)want to do another business venture(pharmacy business using my own name)
8)preparingr my little boy to school, he is turning 7 years old and in 2 months from now he will going to elementay school, as i know Korean education style is different compared to Philippines education.
9)teach in elementary in  public school here in korea


  1. That's quite a few list of goal.Good luck in reaching them.

  2. Sounds like a busy and exciting year ahead. Lots to blog about! Have fun.

  3. thank you guys...yes too busy year ahead and exciting as well.

  4. a very exciting and busy year ahead! let's all pray that we all get to achieve our goals! thanks for the visit, yeah, sure, i'll add you up in my links! glad to be here too!

    Pink Memoirs

  5. thank you are more welcome^^

  6. welcome to mommy moments! i am so glad to know someone from korea is joining us.. :) i am so interested to learn the korean language...

    anyway, i think you will have a great and adventurous year ahead!

    hope to see you in our next Mommy Moments!

  7. wow! that's plenty... good luck on your trip to Japan..

  8. thanks chris i been joining the other meme back 2009 but i was very busy and almost forgot this blog,yes i will be joining as long as i am here....glad to know u,,,

    @simply kim thanks...

  9. Wow! Great list of goals for this year. I'm glad to hear you plan to start your own charity for children. We have our own too. It wasn't easy but it's possible. May you have a great year ahead. Welcome to Mommy Moments!


  10. kaya mo yan miga!..go! go! go!

    more blessing to you and your family..I know GOD will bless you more than you expect, for being so generous especially to the needy..

    proud of you!

  11. thanks she...... you are one of my blessings having u as my friend is priceless.