Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful thursday#2

 I was surprised when my husband called me today morning I don't have any plan to go out since weather just freezing coldd and i have too many things to be done. but suddenly called me to meet him at lunch time. I put light make up and a light eye brows. The above photo was my image before I left.
 Here I am after I met my husband, he doesn't want to go with me with make up on, so I force to cleaned my face quickly. So sad haha...posing in front of camera with sadness.
 We ate lunch at T.G.I friday's, and we watched movie after lunch with our little girl. Movie was fun, I know you are familiar with the movie we watched "the last God father"

I'm thankful it's because my husband knows if i had bad feeling for any reason and he find way to have time for me. This is my thankful Thursday.