Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trip with parents.

YAHOOOOOO! These are my mother and my father they been married for 45 years of their lives. having 7 children and I am youngest among the girls, I'm very proud of them they are simply achiever parents that just wanted the best for their kids. I remembered during my last vacation, I took them to a trip from Dumaguete, Bohol to Cebu round to Bacolod city,  That was the first time they had a trip outside that we called province and even in their dreams they don't expected to go somewhere that only they can seen in TV.


  1. very good na anak..hehehe..

    Next upod mo ko sa tour nyo rub ha..hehehe..

    Happy thankful thursday!

  2. hahahahah bal anon gid ya na wala na gid sang may eh post no?hahah cg lng oo she upod ta

  3. yes john, through thick and think.