Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Noah's Ark

The 40 days and 40 nights of flood.
I choose this story because I read this, since I was a little.
Long time ago, God looked down on the earth to see his people, but he was very angry when he saw his people behaving very badly. People stealing from each other and even killing each other and lying.
God very angry at his created people and decided to that he must kill them all, he will wipe out all the people and animals from the earth.
However, God saw Noah and his family. He is a good man, a God fearing person, and he is teaching his sons to be good and honest.
God came to Noah and told him that God will send a flood to cover the whole earth and everyone will die. However, because of goodness of Noah and his family God decided no to kill them. However, God told Noah to build an ark and Noah listen to every instruction of God. However, people around laugh at him as they saw Noah building an ark.
After building an ark, God told Noah to get all animals inside the ark but 2 in every animal, it should be female and male. Noah told his son about what God had said, and they start pairing the animals and get inside the ark.
The next thing God instructed to Noah is to get more foods and water for their supply because they will be on the ark for long time. After doing all instructions Gods sent the rain until it covers the whole land. It rains 40 days and forty nights while the family of Noah and the animals are safety inside the ark.
All cities, farms and lands disappeared under water, and all living creatures died and no dry lands left on earth. After 150 days God commanded the rain to stop, and it stops. The ark floating on the water while waiting for the land dry.
Noah sent bird out of the ark to find dry land. The bird found an olive tree and broke off a branch. They were so happy and excited because the flood is beginning to dry.
God visited Noah again, and promise never to destroy the earth with a good again. As a sign of his promised god placed a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
I’ve learned that we just follow the God’s well we can live perfectly.

Read more: http://authspot.com/short-stories/noahs-ark/#ixzz1f8PUjs6e

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