Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anne Frank

Anne Frank a girl with full of hope.

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt Germany in 1929. She came from a well-to-do family and led a carefree childhood. She was dreaming to become a famous journalist or a movie start. However, in his diary, she recorded an extraordinary story of perseverance and hope during the most horrific decades of the history.
After Anne was born, Hitler was elected as the Germany Chacellor, he was a dictator who believed in a pure Germanu and Planned to eliminate all Jewish people. They call this era as Holocaust, there were daily attacks against Jews. And it became the hardest part of their life.
Her family relocated Amsterdam on 1933. Anne attended school excelling in languages and writing while her father became the director of the Opecta Factory which made fruit pectin.
However, their life did not last long in Holland, in 1940 Germany invaded Holland and make all Jewish people suffer their life. Hitler’s plan to conquer the Europe and other neighboring country. And the World war II had begun.
Otto Frank began to fear for his family all over again. He was forced to resign from his work and Anne leave her school. They are not allowed to go out at night or visit museums to see movies during the daytime.
Since the family of Anne was not allowed to leave Holland, they decided to hide until the war was over. They hide at the attic in the Opecta factory and plan for the next move.
They started to hide with other families at the attic of the Opecta factory for two long years. While Anne wrote a diary toward her imaginary friend named kitty.
Only Otto’s former secretary Ellie and Miep bring them food and clothing from time to time using the secret passage.
Anne wrote a diary about daily life inside the secret attic. Until he made her last diary on August 1,1944 three days after they are being caught up by the German police officers. Anne’s family arrested and send to Auschwitz were man and women are separate. And this was the last time Anne saw her father. Anne and his sister were forced to work together with their family until their mother died. 1945 Margot died, after one-month Anned Frank also died just two months before the end of the war.
Only Otto Frank their father survived, and he went back to a place where they hid, at the attic. He found the diary of Anne, as he read Anne lived in his memory again. After that, he shared the diary to other children, published it to different languages and become well known true story of hope, survival and love.
I’ve learned that being a strong person with strong hope can help our dreams alive.
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