Monday, October 31, 2011

Net Working relationship

We both know that cyber relationship is existing.

For the first time, the magazines focused their annual sex survey on coupling in the digital age and found that relationships lead to sex more quickly because it’s so easy to stay connected by social network service(SNS) like Facebookand texting.Based on a survey by Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines, 80 percent of women and 58 percent of men said they “believed” using social media tools led to having sex sooner with that new person. 

Still, the survey also shows that only 38 percent of women actually say they slept with someone sooner because of their level of digital intimacy.

But Dr. Dorree Lynn, a psychologist and author of “Sex for Grownups,” said social media are actually fostering a sense of “faux intimacy” among couples. Digital communication, and the time spent engaged in it, may give couples a sense of intimacy, but she said texting and social media don’t teach people how to develop genuine relationships.

Meanwhile, the survey showed that lovers usually use texting to get in touch with each other. All the women participating in the survey said they prefer texting to phone calls, but it was only 39 percent for men.

How does a cyber romance vary from a real life romance? Perhaps one significant difference is that communication plays such a large part.  Words that convey feelings have enormous effect. While before a real date we fix our hair and our clothes, on the internet we polish our intellect, imagination and personality. In essence the sequence is reversed – first we show our inner beauty and only after it had won victory does the veil fall off the physical vehicle of that personality at the time of that first meeting in person.

Relation online is like more sweetest than having relationship in real life, communication is stronger than what we have in real world. Sweet words are more intimate. You can able to say I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH to your online lovers 100x is no matter.

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