Saturday, August 6, 2011

Visited the Buan Celadon Museum

In my 8 years of living here in Korea it was my first time to experience such a wonderful camp for multi cultural program. It's really great opportunity for us as foreign wives here in Korea since the government give us that special program.

Yes you heard it right I visited in Buan celadon museum. I know you were so interesting to know about that museum. It is so incredible place, this museum the place where they keep the antiques from the ancient century in baekji dynasty.  You can able to see the original and different pottery   made of clay.

One thing that my kids really enjoyed the most was the 4d movie about the wild fantasy of a little boy who wanted to be the master of pot making. It just so amazing, explanation is not enough to show you how this place impact my impression.

Scenic Sunday

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