Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is God hear me?

Is God Hear Me

Is there any hope?

Sometimes we think that God doesnt hear our prayers, doesnt see our burdens and losing hope and chance to continue the journey of your life, your wrong. God challenge us where and when our patients ends.

When you see homeless people,no shelter and no food they are just one of those person who fight and accept the test that God given to them.

Cant feel the cold, cant feel the warmth they are always thinking for a chance where to start and when to start a new life.

Its not about how you survive, its all about how you will fight the challenge. Sickness isnt the hindrance to say a prayer to God. Just do it and do it again.

A homeless people, God prepare the best place for them.I

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  1. its so sad to see them in the roads

  2. the pics touch my heart... God spares none.. hop something good happens to the deprived ones.. God Bless them.. Ameen!!!