Friday, May 6, 2011

Best achievement of the year 2011

A beautiful year to start.

I been dreaming to work in school since I was here in Korea, but all of my expectation I never expected that my dream will be granted. In my 2011 list of things to do for the whole year working and studying is not in my list.

1)trip to japan (canceled)

2) take TOEFL exam(not sure)

3) build my own charity for kids(still working)

4)to get Korean driver license (soon)

5)take Korean exam from beginner to intermediate level.(month of June)

6)wanted to take English public speaking, conversation fluency course.(taking another course instead)

7)want to do another business venture(pharmacy business using my own name)not this year i guess.

But teaching in school is really a blessing for me. It is very near from my home a walking distance from here.

That’s the school i am working now. look the picture above.

that was build year 1930^^

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