Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The worst solar storm in history

The world is overdue a ferocious "space storm" that could knock out communications satellites, ground aircraft and trigger blackouts – causing hundreds of billions of pounds of damage, scientists say.

Lately Scientist are discovered some strange things that happened to the space which can cause people in danger.
Astronomers today warned that mankind is now more vulnerable to a major solar storm than at any time in history – and that the planet should prepare for a global Katrina-style disaster, the British Daily Mail reported Monday.
The storm created spectacular aurorae and disrupted radio communications.

Read more: http://scienceray.com/earth-sciences/the-worst-solar-storm-in-history/#ixzz1EkmAaeHZ

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  1. Sounds very dramatic in an end of the world Hollywood-y sort of way.

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