Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A paralyzed boy who just graduated from university

Lee Won-ok, right, looks at her son, Shin Hyung-jin, in a wheelchair during a celebration party at Yonsei University, Seoul, after Shin finished his fall semester on Dec. 21. Shin will graduate on Feb. 28, nine years after he enrolled at the school.

Watching their child receive a diploma at a graduation ceremony can be one of the most special and joyous moments for a parent. 
But Lee Won-ok has much more complicated feelings ahead of her 29-year-old son’s graduation as every day was challenging for her to support her son who is paralyzed.
“She can’t express the feelings and happiness for his son, “It’s much more complicated. Of course, she is so happy that her son will finally graduate from university, but she also feel sad recalling all the years of struggling, and she feel like retiring because she won’t go to school and meet people there anymore.” 
Lee’s son, Shin Hyung-jin, suffers from spinal amyotrophy. He started to lose mobility when he was seven months old, and he is now unable to move any part of his body below his neck. 

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