Thursday, February 17, 2011

An old woman work 15 hours a day in 35 years

This woman is selling fried snacks in Nam Gwangju market in Gwangju cit.

Sometimes in our life we always say’s so tiring life, why I have this kind of life? But why you don’t look the other person who are working hard jsut to save their family from hunger and to send their kids to school.
This woman is  66 years old, she been her in this market for 35 years from selling  vegetable to selling fried snack 15 hours everyday. I am one of her customer, She have a small place is like bigger than a 4 seater table if I am not mistaken, she sell fried noodles wraped with hotcake liquid, and there are so many more.
She arrived in her small shop arround 6m and going back home until she will sell all the fried snack she cooked. She has 2 son’s and the other one was married with vietnamese. She said the train departed, every morning and night. Is like the wind towards the train was coming and the people left.

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  1. Nag-expand ba business nya or it has been like that since 35 years ago? Sayang naman kasi...parang yung magtataho or magbabalot dito sa atin...forever na ganon hehehe.

  2. Inspiring, did not try yet to buy fried food like that here don't know how to communicate eh.

  3. i think di nmn advisable na eh expand pa nya ang shop nya its because malaki na ang ma eh binta nya. imagine from vegetable lng sya na yung sa daan yung walang lugar. mahal place dito kaya contento na yata sya sa ganun ehehhe