Thursday, February 24, 2011

mommy moment# dear daddy

mommy moments
Suhyun's message for us...
kinder graduation day
our prince
dabin with her friends dedicated some action song for the graduating student
Dear honey,
thank you is not enough to express how much thankful i am having you in my life, you are the reason why i am here. You always gave me courage to face my daily life with you.
thank you so much for having this beautiful kids.  I can't promise to be a perfect wife and a perfect mother but I only promise just to be with you and to love you until the rest of my life.


  1. That's a sweet love note for your husband. Happy MM!

  2. cute cute dabin..galing di kmi tiende message ni suhyun..pwede interpret? hahaha..

    little distrungkar pa sa template mo sa side bar super gwapa na imo balay miga..

  3. Well no one is perfect girl, and surely your husband understand it. Happy MM!

  4. such an awesome note to the most important man in the family. it's really more than his genes - but the sacrifices and love that goes with it..

    all the best,

  5. wow! how sweet naman ni mommy! happy MM!

    These and Those

  6. such a beautiful message mommy.

    Happy MM!

  7. very inspiring mommy! Happy MM!

  8. so nice to read.. hope your hubby gets to read it too! :D

  9. very sweet note for your hubby, i am sure he will be glad to read it :)

  10. that was a simple but touching letter..

  11. how very sweet. we are not perfect wives nor mothers but love perfects all imperfections.

    happy MM!