Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miyeokguk(미역국) recipe

This soup is one of the special soup in any birthday celebration.
According to the historical record “Chohakgi” from China’s Tang Dynasty, Goryeo people started to serve seaweed to women during postnatal care after learning that whales nibble at the sea plant to heal after delivering a calf. Another ancient document entitled “Bonchogangmok,” or Compendium of Materia Media, indicated that Goryeo people enjoyed seaweed and referred to it as “Goryeo haetae.” Thanks to its excellent detoxifying efficacy, women used to have seaweed soup after childbirth. Based on traditional customs, the soup was also dedicated to the three-god spirits who are known to govern childbirth and bless the newborn baby. People in the olden days used to pray for safe labor by placing seaweed soup by the pregnant woman’s pillow for about a week before the expected delivery day. Therefore, miyeokguk is an important Korean cuisine that symbolizes birth.

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