Sunday, February 13, 2011

Korea heaviest snow falls in history

This is the first time that ever happened in Korean history.

A record-breaking snowfall pounded South Korea’s east coast on Saturday, stranding hundreds of motorists on highways and destroying dozens of houses,
Some sections of a highway linking Seoul with Gangneung, a major city on the east coast, were once off-limits. A major road connecting several cities in the area, including Sancheok and Yangyang, was closed for 18 hours, stranding some 250 vehicles there under sub-zero temperatures.
Gangneung received 77.7 centimeters of snow on Friday alone, the heaviest single day record since weathermen began keeping records there in 1911, officials said.
All roads except for major motorways and houses in the city were buried under more than 1 meters of snow. Most taxis and city buses stayed away, and some drivers complained that they could hardly find their own cars in parking lots, let alone pulling them out.


  1. It's indeed a heavy snow! In Japan we had a snowfall but it was not that disaster.
    Hope everything is now back to normal.

  2. actually we are 4 hours away from that plce and know what we don't have snow here in my city.