Thursday, February 3, 2011

The (Dolhareubang) Stone Statues

Dolhareubang is famous in Jeju island known as a grandfather statues.

dolhareubang or Grandfather Stone is one of the best-known symbols of Jeju Island. Carved out of porous basalt rock are the bulging eyes, the long, flat nose, clenched lips and big hands resting on the belly. A dolhareubang reminds the Jeju people of their own fathers and grandfathers who have weathered all the hardships of the island’s unfriendly natural environment. During the Joseon Dynasty, the stone statues stood in front of the north, south, east and west gates of the three counties, Jeju-mok, Jungeui-hyeon, andDaejung-hyeon. In 1971, when efforts were made to designate the stone statue as Folklore Item No.2, an official name was required.

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