Wednesday, January 19, 2011

watery wednesday #3 danjugan island

This is the beautiful scenery of Danjugan Island.

Danjugan Island
Danjugan Island. See a larger image. (Use your back button to return here.)

Reef and rainforest conservation hand in hand

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Danjugan – an Endangered Species Refuge

This is the photos of Danjugan island, one of the hundred island in the Philippines, Yes!that’s the best Island in Negros occidental, I,ve known this place since I was in my mother’s womb i think, this is only a meter distance from our home and this is the most beautiful spot that you can able to see if you are in punta bulata beach resort, danjugan island just a small island and have the secret lake inside in the middle of the island. we always been here before when this place is open for the public but now going  there is not easy it’s because already private and preserved.
See those Island that’s the Danjugan Isaland. And a long white beach resort of Punta bulata beach.
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  1. For some beautiful pictures and beautiful scenery. A beautiful island, I should have visited. Imagine how wonderful to dip your toes in the delicious sanden.Ahhhww. Such trends, we need to look far behind in Norway. :)

  2. This is a lovely series of shots from your gorgeous area. The scenery is magnificent. The water us beautiful and the beach so inviting. Maybe someday I will get to your part of the world because it certainly is a place I wool love to go.

  3. thanks guys,...yes the place is very beautifull,,,,if you want to go someday just tell me i would love to give some help.,.

  4. Oh! I would love to visit a place like this. It reminds me of stories of castaways. If you have time, check out my post here . I’m trying really hard to increase my number of followers and could use your help! Thanks!