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Valentines day in Korea

Valentines day in Korea is kind of unique and sweet.

Korea have their own unique celebration every 14th of the month and young teens love and enjoy it, It’s fun though. On 14 of january they called it “DIARY DAY” teenagers have this celebration like exchanging their diaries and that was fun, you can read diaries of your friends and they can read your diary in return.
Valentine’s Day is a little bet different in Korea. Here, on the 14th of February the girls must give chocolate to the boys. and the boys just accept it and  that’s unique idea. Very nice. I always gave chocolates to my husband during valentines day. So this is Valentine’s Day in Korea. Girls give boys chocolate and the boys just sit back and take it.

But of course, it’s not as simple as what you think, One month later they have celebration called “White Day”. Yes, for your information boys must pay. On White Day Korean guys give candy to Korean girls. Still, I find it great idea  a pretty sweet deal for the guys. On white day every groceries store or seven eleven kind of shop they are loaded of any kind of candies, the unique one is during the white day you can see many kinds of candies from the smallest to the biggest and they are all beautiful and cutes. Boys have to be ready 1 month after the valentines day, they have to be prepared to give some candy to the girls who gave them chocolates during valentines day. But still boys can give candies to the girls they secretly like they are more welcome since 14th of march is a white day it’s girls big day.
Then it takes yet another twist.    February 14th is Valentine’s Day, and March 14th is White Day, but on April 14th they celebrate something called Black Day.    Here all the guys who didn’t get chocolates, and the girls who didn’t get candy, get together to drown their sorrows in a Chinese restaurant, where the traditional meal is jachangmyeong - black noodles. Where people who eat black noodles on 14th of April it means he/she is hopeless romantic and some people find their partner during this day.
But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.    Not content with one, two, or even three celebrations on the fourteenth of the months, the Koreans have organised yet more fun days.    As far as I can tell, the whole gauntlet of “romantic” days goes something like this.
May 14th“Rose Day” ★ 
On this day, couples exchange roses.
June 14th“Kiss Day” ★ 
Kiss everyone you meet on this day.
July 14th“Silver Day” ★ 
On this day, people exchange silver accessories.
August 14th“Green Day” ★ 
On this day, couples seek nature and relax while singles drink Soju to drown their loneliness.
September 14th“Photo Day” ★ 
On this day, take a picture together with your significant other in a romantic place and put it in a special place to look at.
October 14th“Wine Day” ★ 
On this day, enjoy wine with someone special.
November 14th“Movie Day” ★ 
On this day, couples go to watch a movie at the cinema.
December 14th“Hug Day” ★ 
On this day, couples hug each other in the winter to chase away the cold

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