Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sweet shot tuesday#1 apartments background

Sweet Shot Day

Here I am wanted to join this sweet shot tuesday meme, glad to found this and try to show how bad I am in photography arts. Well, I know  I'm not that good though but want to share what the best I can do. 
This is the background here in my apartment I just feel like posting it here I love the views with white snowy mountains here, maybe you'll think we're living in mountainous place.haha well, do I need to explain that? 

This is the view where I can see at the back of our apartment.


  1. wish could experience that someday..(wishful thinking alech!)

  2. Love the view from the back of your building - Gorgeous!


  3. @she experiencing the 4 seasons a year just awesome but i hate winter and summer too cold and too hot. but hve different sceneries every season,

    @mom to 9 blessings thanks for visiting here,