Saturday, January 22, 2011

Smoking Can Kill People

Why smoking can kill you? Carbon monoxide is an ingredients of car exhaust fume.

Carbon monoxide- some of us heard the name and we know it’s deadly. Like all poisons, there’s a specific biological reason why this gas kills. Carbon monoxide  bonds to the hemoglobin molecules in blood. When this happens, the hemoglobin can’t carry oxygen to body tissues. Death within minutes.
Carbon monoxide is an ingredient of car exhaust fumes. Most people know not to run a car engine in a closed garage. But some people willingly to introduce CO into their bodies many times a day. That’s because it’s also an ingredients of tobacco smoke. It’s one reason why chronic smokers experience narrowing of the blood vessels, a weakened heart, and impaired skill and coordination.
Tobacco smoke contains 4,000 different compounds. Chief among them is nicotine. C10 H10 N2. Extracted from tobacco,nicotine is used as a insecticide to kill bugs. In small amounts absorbed from the cigarette (about 1 milligram) it stimulates the nerves and speeds up the heartbeat.  It changes the chemistry of the brain,producing a feeling of heightened awareness and well-being.  The smoker feels these effect with in 10 to 15 seconds-that’s how quickly nicotine reaches the brain.

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  1. I agree, my MIL died of a lung cancer and she was a heavy smoker..

  2. sorry to heard that,my father and father inlaw have same illness too, lungs prob