Sunday, January 16, 2011

mellow yellow monday #2(let's go book)

This book is for the children who knows basic question and answer with grammatical structure.
this is my yellow mellow Monday post.

What I do like most about Let’s go book is their great explanation, high quality of books and instruction, awesome examples its just easy to understand for ESL student. I am using this book now since being a teacher it’s hard to handle foreign kids that starting to learn their second language, but this books provided everything that a teachers need. If you are a teacher I would love to recommend this book as your teaching materials.They also provided the teachers book which is you don’t need to do your lesson plan if you don’t feel doing so. Cd’s and flash cards are also available, which you don’t need to waste your time cutting some pictures and making you cards, have a student books and work books with teacher’s card. Each level have different kind of style including games and homework. This is very nice for an ESL teacher and also very helpful for the esl student, all you need to do is adding your own ideas, you have to plan how to elaborate every lesson that this book provided, you are the one who responsible  to teach in your own creative way. Some student find this book a boring one since there is a work book including but it depends to the teacher how to deal this kind of problems since beginner student doesn’t like writing but they love games and sing, so you need to find way how to  make it easy to deal with it.

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  1. Usually I find most of the people posting flowers, animals etc.

    Books some thing different for MYM post. I liked the idea. My first post in MYM was a book too.

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  2. I'm sure your students will have fun with those books.

    I played too. Mine's here.

  3. Great MYM pic. Very different

  4. I like your entry, very educational :) i need this for my daughter :)

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  5. Wow, are the other levels other colors?

  6. It's sounds like it is an interesting book. :)

    Adin B

  7. @becca yes there are 6 level and different colors,thanks for visiting guys