Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family moment

family moment

>> FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2009

Thats my dad my little boy say's. this was taken inside the family land plant green house which you can see any kinds of plant came from other part of the world.

suhyun riding the elephant first ever experienced.

Suhyun gave a piece of carrot to the elephant and he really loved it. he gave some grasses to the goat.

Dad and kids was already tired and exausted. just take a rest for a while. but lawrence really enjoying to watch the elephant in front of him feed with other persons.

my little girl drink soda while watching the geraffe in the other side of the place. But my honey was tired and sleepy. He woke up 3 am for work and spend time with us walking inside the zoo.

`Last Sunday we went to the family land a small zoo near the city. the kids having fun with their dad. This is the first time that we bonding together with kids since my husband is always busy with his work, but he gave us time even only a few hours,we really enjoyed it much. this our family photo.

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