Monday, January 24, 2011

Ruby Tuesday# 3 Dogs murdered in korea

Do you know that Korean eat dogs meat? Yes! you read it right! Korean eat dogs as their specialty menu.

Long time ago Korea is one of the poorest country in part of Asia. And there are not enough food during that time. Every thing that they can able to eat Korean people ate those just to survived in what we called hunger, and Dog is one of the best food they ever discovered, It’s because of hunger and lock of food people find that dogs give them energy and give themenough power to survived, until this time if old Korean got sick they going to find a restaurant who specialty serve a dogs menu.
Korean loves dogs very much as much as they wanted to eat dogs too. They don’t eat dogs that they grow as a pet but they catches the homeless dog and sell in it in the market,as what you have see the pictures above. There are too many restaurant in rural area or even the most expensive restaurant in the city that serves dogs menu.
This is what happened after the dogs bring in the market and sell they are totally murdered, American people do love dogs very much and they are against with Koreans who eat dogs. after this they will make a delicious food for them see how they eat these dogs.
Yes! this is what they called bosintang tang means hot soup with dogs meat  with hot pepper in it.

do you find it delicious? I don’t think so. I never dare to try this kind of food.
How about the cute puppies?they also eat those puppies?
Here is the puppies! haha No! this is only a funny photos they don’t eat them.

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  1. Oh! Dogs are supposed to be man's best and faithful friend..What a crime !..

  2. ..before I ate dog meat too!

    now? nope!

    happy ruby tuesday!

  3. im always happy even not tuesday

  4. I only ate a dog once ^_^. I so agree that if people are hungry and try to survive what can't be eaten in normal time can be eaten in times of hunger. Great shot!! Thanks for the visit!
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  5. oh the roasted dogs looks horrible!

  6. but now a days korean eat dogs is like a habit not because of hunger but because they love eating dogs.