Monday, January 3, 2011

Dabin's growing years

I like this stolen shot of her, she just look so innocent here. she is 3 years old and 5 months in this photo. she was 3 months and 4th months old in here during the kids fiestival.
she already had long hair and never cut yet since she was a baby.
she just trying to learn how to ride her bike.
Going to kinder one sunny morning in summer season.
one hot summer during world cup 2010 she is 3 years old
She just 3 years old in this photo

she was almost turning 3 years old in this photo
2 years old and 11th months
2 years old and 10th
2 years and 9th months
2 years old and 8th months
1year old and 7th months
1 year old and 4th months
1 year old
8th months old
7th months old
6th months old
5th months old
1st month old

Dabin in her first week old.

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  1. wow! si mama rub..super ukay sang baul ni dabin..hehehe.

    good job mama rub!